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Common Phone System Problems and Solutions

Mitel (Inter-Tel) Problems

ESI Problems

Problems common to multiple systems


(Inter-Tel) Problems [back to top]

#11 means that someone dialed 911 from the extension displayed
#10 means that the extension number displayed is off-hook and not in use. The alarm will clear automatically once the phone is hung-up.

IF YOU SEE ANY OTHER ALARMS PLEASE CONTACT US.  Certain alarms require immediate attention while not showing any obvious problems.  Even if you know what to do about the alarm, notifying us alerts us to the fact that has happened and we may see it related to another problem.  A few of the more common alarms are below.

100-One extension is having connection problems.  Sometimes the phone is unaffected, but the problem persists.  We can run an error report to determine which phone is having a problem.
101-Essentially the same as 100.
114-T1 is down.  If you have a T1 and you know it’s down this is normal; otherwise, let us know.
203-Voicemail is down—Please contact us for a solution.

Please contact us on these and all other alarms.  Alarms can be cleared by dialing 9850 at any station that displays the alarm.  This will clear all displays.  Please note that this only clears the displays and does nothing to correct the situation that caused the alarm.  Also, most alarms need to be manually cleared even though the problem has been corrected.

Calls don’t go to your mailbox if you don’t answer
1) Try dialing 354.  If you see “SYSTEM FORWARD ON”, you should be all set.  If you see “SYSTEM FORWARD OFF”, dial 354 again.  You will see “SYSTEM FORWARD ON”.  Contact us for further assistance.

Your telephone doesn’t ring
1) Ensure that your phone is not manually forwarded.  If it is, the FWD key (if you have one) will be lit and the display will say “ALL CALLS FORWARDED TO”.  To cancel all forwarding, dial 355 then #.  If there is no forwarding, go to step 2.
2) Try dialing 324.  If you see “ACCEPT HUNT GROUP CALLS”, you should be all set.  If you see “DIVERT HUNT GROUP CALLS”, dial 324 again.  You will see “ACCEPT HUNT GROUP CALLS”.  Go to step 3.
3) Try dialing 398. You will see “SELECT RING TYPE (0-9) OR SCROLL.  Select any number other than 0 or press the volume up or down key to sample types.  When you hear the type you like press the center of the volume key
to save.  The default type is 2.
4) If your phone still won’t ring, contact us for further assistance.

Returning handset to cradle doesn’t hang-up  
1) Try dialing 317.  If you see “HEADSET MODE OFF”, you should be all set.  If you see “HEADSET MODE ON”, dial  317 again and contact us.

Lifting handset doesn’t answer call
1) Make sure your phone audibly rings (see Your telephone doesn’t ring).  If your phone does ring, go to step 2.
2) Try dialing 317.  If you see “HEADSET MODE OFF”, you should be all set.  If you see “HEADSET MODE ON”, dial  317 again and go to step 3.
3) Try dialing 360.  If you see “AUTO TRUNK ACCESS ON”, you should be all set.  If you see “AUTO TRUNK ACCESS OFF”, dial 360 again and contact us.


ESI Problems [back to top]

Line 1 or Line 2 or Line 3, etc. doesn’t flash or appear on your phone
1) Try holding the non-working line button down for 2 seconds.  If the phone audibly says “This button is not programmed”,  dial the number corresponding to the line it should be.  In other words, dial 1 for line 1, 2 for line 2, etc. Next press the key again and you should be all set.  If the phone says “This key is programmed as displayed”, you may want to quit and contact us.  To quit, lift the handset and hang-up.


Problems common to multiple systems [back to top]
Message Light Troubles
The true function of the message light on business telephones is to let you know that someone on your system wants you to call them.  It is often thought that the message light exclusively means that the voice mail has messages for you.  This is, of course, what it usually means.  However, anyone on the phone system can light the message light on anyone’s phone.  This is frequently done accidentally.  Typically because one user called another and accidentally hit their own message light/button (happens a lot).  This light’s the light on the recipient’s phone.

What happens next is that when you press your lit message button, expecting to go to your mailbox, you call the person who left you the message.  Or worse yet, they’re on the phone and you get their voice mail.  Either way, it appears that there’s something wrong with your voice mail or at least your voice mail button.

You can do one of two things about it. 
1) Press the message key and wait for the other phone to answer.  They must lift the handset and you’ll probably have to tell them to, if your voice comes over their speaker instead of ringing.  Once the person answers, the phone system will be satisfied that it performed its function and the light should go out.
2) Dial the cancel code on the phone with the light and the light will go out.  You WON’T lose any voice mail messages if you turn the light out.  On most phone systems, the light will return, within a few minutes, if you do, in fact, have voice mail messages.  Codes are listed below for specific phone systems:

Inter-Tel AXXESS, AXXENT, 5000 (including Mitel 5000)     -Dial 368.
Toshiba DK, CTX, CIX                                                                      -Dial Intercom #409 (omit the # on older systems)
Samsung                                                                                               -42 followed by your extension number
Panasonic                                                                                             -700 followed by your extension number



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